“At the time of my Cancer diagnosis & through the healing process, PRY was really the only modality that worked to help me heal physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically all at once… And believe me.. As a therapist myself.. I tried everything! PRY .. Working through Nora’s loving and skilled soul mind, heart and hands gave me space to quietly enter into and listen to my body as my nervous system could take some time off from the moment to moment terror and hypervigilence that Cancer diagnosis will bring. As I settled into a place of safety, not only was my body worked on through Nora’s healing touch, but my spirit was guided back inside. A quiet space was nurtured, encouraged and supported to process current emotions, but also to hear and trust my inner wisdom again.

I am now in full remission and I am absolutely certain that PRYT … Working through Nora… Has been a major component to my healing … Physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually”.

Lovingly, Alex Ginsberg

“I have had the benefit of Phoenix Rising Therapy for several years. It is actually difficult to talk about and capture the remarkable effects of sessions.

Sessions provide opportunities for deep introspection and tuning into that inner voice that helps me to listen to and trust my intuition. At times I have found myself recalling painful memories and gaining insights that have eluded me. On other occasions, vivid visual images have provided metaphors and clarity of direction and choices.

I am always profoundly relaxed after every session, even those during which I have ended up weeping uncontrollably over something very simple or painfully complex. I am a meditator and have been doing yoga (intermittently, admittedly) for over 40 years. I have been in therapy, counseling, meditation and relaxation groups; however, when I am troubled, stuck, or just needing to take advantage of my own inner wisdom, I turn to PRT. I have never been disappointed yet.”

Njeri Melani Jackson, PhD.

Dr. Jackson is a teacher, artist, and health researcher who currently serves as Special Assistant for Diversity in the Office of the Provost at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she also teaches courses in Political Science, African American Studies, and Women’s Studies.

“As a social worker I have been pretty well trained to be attentive to my head and my heart. I know how to handle my needs in those areas so that I can appropriately work with others and not let my “stuff” get in the way. But I was never really trained to pay much attention to my body in all of this. When I started taking yoga with Nora I saw the benefits of bringing an attention to my body into my “human instrument.” I believe I became a better social worker and teacher as a result of a yoga practice.

So when there was an opportunity to experience Phoenix Rising, I looked at it as another way to move towards fuller integration as a person and as a social worker. It was that and much more. I didn’t go into the experience with an identified “problem” to solve. Rather I was there out of curiosity and interest. What I found in the process was great healing and clarifying. It was a wonderfully useful experience for me. I am a better, more centered, and a happier person because of it. I also think I am more courageous and powerful. The process provided a chance for holistic integration that was both surprising and very, very useful. Thanks, Nora.”

Mary Katherine O'Connor, Ph.D


  • Being in a safe environment with specific guidelines and exercises for an intense 8-week program gave me permission to spend time wit myself and get to know myself. Can better able to see myself –strengths and weakness. I have gained insight to propel myself forward on the spiritual path. [S.S]
  • The power of yoga and group process is healing, uplifting, and a beautiful way to connect participants though introspection as well as storytelling. [R.B.]
  • Thank you for offering the PRYT group course. Often I focus my yoga practice on the pose or meditation. I found myself digging deep in new ways and finding an interesting clarity and peace in my life. [N.I]
  • My participation in the P.R. Yoga Therapy Group has been affirming and enlightening. It has provided an opportunity to delve systematically into a deeper understanding of my relationships and of myself. Nora’s calm facilitation of the program was thought provoking and supportive. [C.]
  • In the past I have taken yoga classes primarily as a practice for exercise. A year ago I was introduced to Integral Yoga, which has proven to be my lifeline, The PRYT has also provided help and support in sustaining my peace. Both have provided enormous benefits. [C.J]
  • “Find Peace” helped me do just that. I am now better able to recognize my internal experience and make self-care choices based on the information received. [A.G]

About NORA VIMALA POZZI, program facilitator:

  • Nora (Vimala) is so skilled in so many ways, but I was especially struck by her attunement to group members and the group as a whole, and intervening in a way that served both consistently.
  • She made each individual feel understood. The leader’s voice is so transcending and calming. It mentally sent me within my soul.
  • Nora (Vimala) is a calming force. She is thoughtful and organized. She is very good at helping the participants clarify thoughts in the “speaking circle.”
  • Calm, comfort, supportive and many other positive qualities. I appreciated your “sharing” (speaking) during the “circle”. It felt like it was an honest experience into personal seeking and very well guided.
  • As a facilitator, leader, and guide, she was amazing at tuning into each participant’s story and reflecting the essence back to us, in a way that was empowering because of her deep compassionate listening.
  • Just being authentic -a real human being. A sense of trustworthiness that allowed me to be more open in a group setting. The leader’s self-acceptance made it easy for me to be more accepting of self.
  • Her presence that conveyed non-judgemental acceptance, compassion, empathy and a positive energy.