Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy may seem like an unusual name for a therapy that deals with the body and the mind. Often we think of therapy when we need address pain or discomfort, either physical or emotional. In physical therapy, the therapist manipulates our body by stretching, relaxing, strengthening, and prescribing exercises. In talk therapy, the therapist listens to us and steers us through our feelings, thoughts and emotions, to help us understand ourselves better, the way we relate and interact, and the root causes of some of our mental/emotional suffering.

Founder Michael Lee combined his background in education, psychology and yoga to create Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT). “This is a practice that promotes transformation by drawing on the unique wisdom of the body; it is an approach to yoga therapy that focuses on empowerment of every aspect of one’s being.” In his book, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, a Bridge from Body to Soul, he says “I believe that an empowered being is one who is strong in spirit, able to attune to a deeper level of knowing and then live from that place. That person is clear in mind and able to choose wisely from a world of many choices. To do this, one must fully feel their emotions and use them creatively as a source of learning and growth. To live fully requires living in a body that is connected to these spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of being human.”

Witnessing the transformational power of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, in client after client, in just a few sessions, has been astonishing and continues to be a great inspiration. Read the testimonials from past and current clients.

What Is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?

(excerpt from Michael Lee’s article on PRYT)

As we struggle to keep up with the hectic pace of our busy lives, we may find ourselves longing for simplicity, inner peace, and deeper meaning, for a way to heal our bodies, our spirits, and our lives. Though at times we look for outside sources to guide us, somewhere deep inside we know that we must slow down, reconnect with ourselves, and listen to our own inner voice.
 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, through a combination of classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary body-mind psychology, encourages this deeper connection with self.

A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session is a one-on-one process lasting one to one-and-a-half hours. Through assisted yoga postures and non-directive dialogue, practitioners guide clients to experience the connection of their physical and emotional selves.

We believe that true healing takes place from the inside out. And that healing goes hand in hand with self-awareness. Here, with focused awareness and practitioner support you enter a dialogue. It’s not about fixing or analyzing anything. You simply tune in and listen to your body’s wisdom without judgment or the need to change anything. You may release underlying tension, emotions, or beliefs that have manifested in chronic pain. And you may feel deeply relaxed as a result.

What distinguishes Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy from other yoga therapies?

One of the key distinguishing features of PRYT is that it is based on the principle that each person is unique. Given this, the healing process is one of exploration and discovery.

It is client centered and non-prescriptive. This means that we don’t make a diagnosis and then offer a treatment. Instead we help the client determine what is happening in their body and in their life and to determine what they might want to change and the ways to go about it. It does take into account physical issues as well as mental, emotional and spiritual.

Phoenix Rising Practitioners around the world have specialized in working with specific populations/conditions. Some of the referrals may come from psychiatrists and psychotherapists, from MD’s, chiropractors or massage therapists. Some work with conditions like ADD, others with cancer, addictions, pain management, PTSS, trauma and sexual abuse, and some work in the corporate world with management of stress.

What is the difference between Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and psychotherapy?

PRYT’s fundamental principles and theories are rooted in the ancient science of hatha yoga. It is a body-oriented modality as opposed to a mind-oriented modality such as psychotherapy. The Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner guides the client using a specific set of carefully developed techniques to access sensory, emotional, spiritual and historical personal data, which is believed to be stored in the physical body. Additional techniques of body-scanning, use of witness or self-observation, as well as techniques of centering and meditation are integral aspects of each session.

The practitioner of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is trained to “hold the space” for the client to self-direct the session, whereas in psychotherapy the therapist plays an active role in directing the therapy and utilizing interventions. There is no diagnosis in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, whereas clear, accurate diagnosis of psychopathology is the lynch pin of successful treatment in psychotherapy.

FAQs and details about individual sessions:

What will I get out of a Phoenix Rising Session?

Most clients report receiving:

  • a feeling of deep relaxation
  • greater emotional stability
  • enhanced mental clarity, a sense of empowerment, greater self-esteem
  • clearer focus and easier breathing
  • ability to identify, work with, and release fears
  • less restricted by self-imposed limitations
  • deeper and stronger connection with one’s spiritual essence
  • greater trust in one’s self

How long is a session?

Usually one hour (1hr) (although it can be slightly more)

How much does it cost?

$90-$120 per session (discount packages and sliding scale upon request)

What do I wear?

Wear loose, comfortable clothes.

Will it hurt?

No! You will work within the limits of your own tolerance for discomfort without pain.

PRYT is one of the few Schools of Yoga Therapy Accredited by the IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists)

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